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Pollination Services for a Hive of Industry

Hantz Honey have been providing pollination services around the Ellesmere and Mid Canterbury areas for over 40 years. Bees in these areas play a major role in the production of blackcurrants, clover seed and of late, carrot and radish seed.

We pride ourselves on delivering strong hives, on time, for quality pollination of seed crops. At the start of the season our beekeeping efforts go into building up the strength of the hive, when the crops start flowering, we move our hives in at their optimum strength.

Generally we work with the major seed companies as we have the reputation and longstanding experience that ensures large-scale growers our hives will provide excellent “concentrated pollination” results.

Specialised hive moving equipment, in conjunction with our expertise means that anywhere between 6 and 400 hives can be moved very quickly. Once the flowering has completed its cycle, we then move the hives out.

Moving hives needs to be done at night, early morning or in wet or cold weather, when the bees are safely within the hive. Our operation is highly efficient and effective making us very competitive pollinators in the market.

Flexability is required when undertaking pollination work as the moving of hives are dependent on a number of factors. We gladly work with the grower/seed agent to suit the required schedule and meet all pollination requirements.

Keep in mind cheap hives or no hives will cost you part of your crop, an un-necessary mistake. We welcome you to contact us anytime to discuss pollination requirements and we offer genuine advice, backed by three generations of Hantz.




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