Honey Varieties

Hantz Honey

We produce a wonderful variety of pure, natural, raw New Zealand Honey. Each honey has its own unique flavour, texture and colour, which is dependent on the blossoms visited by our honey bees and what crops they may be pollinating. Read on for more information about our natural honeys' which are minimally heat treated and unaffected by our special filtration processes, just as nature and the bees make it!

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Clover Honey

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Honey Dew

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Blackcurrant Honey

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Blue Borage

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Comb Honey

Clover Honey

Clover Honey

Clover honey is one of New Zealand’s most loved honeys.  It is created by foraging bees, collecting nectar from the clover flower. Our clover honey is produced from farms around the Ellesmere and Ashburton districts, no more than 50kms from our home base.

At Hantz Honey we are very proud of our clover honey, as it’s unique to the area.  Canterbury has mass plantings of clover flowers, which result in a very high clover pollen percentage and a premium light honey... quality clover honey quarranted!

Our creamed clover honey is deliciously smooth and creamy, a process fine tuned over three generations of making the perfect creamed honey. 

Clover honey has a pleasing mild flavour and sweetness. It comes in liquid, creamed or you can sample it straight off the frame as comb honey - see comb honey. Clover honey is ideal as a spread or an alternative to sugar in baking.  Great on porridge, dressings, marinades or slapped on crumpets!

Clover Honey is available in a range of sizes:

  • Creamy Clover Honey 500g.
  • Creamy Clover Honey 250g.
  • Creamy Clover Honey 1kg.
  • Creamy Clover Honey 2kg.
  • Creamy Clover Honey 6kg Catering Pack.
  • Liquid Clover Honey 500g.
  • Liquid Clover Honey 1.36kg.
  • Liquid Clover Honey 6kg Catering Pack.
Honey Dew

Honeydew Honey

Honeydew is a sugar-rich, sticky liquid secreted by aphids and some scale insects as they feed on plant sap, in this case the New Zealand native black beech tree.  It is collected from the tree by the bees who carry it back to the beehive where the honeydew is stored in frames. Our honeydew is primarily produced from the sap of the beech trees growing in the North Canterbury area.  Honeydew does not crystalize like floral honeys'.

This lovely honey can be used as a spread or drizzled over fresh fruit or cereal.

Honey Dew Honey is available in 500g

Can be packed to order.


Manuka Honey

Manuka (Leptospermum Scoparium) is a unique evergreen tree, indigenous to New Zealand. Bees love the intensely scented white flowers which bloom in summer. Manuka honey is a lovely dark colour with a stronger, more intense flavour and an unique aroma.

To be called Manuka honey it has to pass The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) Manuka Honey Standards . Manuka honey is divided into two types; Multifloral Manuka, which contains nectar collected from a variety of different flowers including the Manuka flower, and Monofloral Manuka, which contains nectar predominately from the Manuka flower.

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is the name given to the main antibacterial component naturally found in Manuka honey. This accounts for why Manuka honey is often referred to as having an activity level and is more expensive than other honey types.  MGO ranges from 0 to 2000+, the higher the number the greater the bioactive chemical compound... MGO in the honey. All our Manuka honey is tested for its Methylglyoxal level and will be labelled appropriately, using the total of MGO in the honey. Hantz Honey export Manuka honey to a number of countries including Switzerland and the USA.

Multifloral Manuka honey is available in 1kg & 500g.

Monofloral Manuka MG85 honey is available in 500g & 250g.

Blackcurrant Honey

Blackcurrant Honey

We produce a lovely blackcurrant honey from our bees foraging and pollenating blackcurrant fields throughout the Canterbury region. This lovely honey has a tropical, sweet, buttery flavour, infused with a hint of blackcurrants.

Blackcurrant Honey is available in 250g & 500g.

Blue Borage

Blue Borage

Our Blue Borage honey, also known as Vipers Bugloss, is produced from bees foraging the pretty Vipers Bugloss flowers, a small blue/purple flower that predominantly grows in riverbeds. Blue Borage has a lovely sweet, mildly herbal, butterscotch flavour. Traditionally blue borage is kept liquid but at Hantz Honey we cream it to produce a uniquely special honey.

Blue Borage is a fairly new honey for the kiwi palate but is very popular overseas, especially in Europe, appreciation for this honey is rapidly growing in New Zealand.

This is one honey to try.... you won't be disappointed!

Blue Borage Honey is available in 500g.

Comb Honey

Natural Comb Honey

You won’t find any honey more pure and natural than comb honey! This honey is unprocessed and comes straight from the hive's honey-filled beeswax comb, as stored naturally by the bees.  Comb honey can be used as a spread,  in a desert or is a perfect addition to a fruit platter or cheese board.  The wax comb is perfectly edible and the result is a unique gourmet treat you’re sure to love.

Natural Comb Honey is available in 340g.